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Name EQ Stories
Titles 4
Pages 26 (Incl. Cover)
Format 210 x 200 mm
Binding Hardback / Paperback
Age Group 6 years and up
Others Detail Book Size can be customized as per requirement.

A child’s creativity quotient differs from his intelligence quotient in terms of taking a decision to tackle different situations in life. For some, life could be a set of rules and regulations. However, there are people who like to take the road not travelled to explore new and amazing things. Raising kids with high Creativity Quotient (CQ) requires training their brain through stories, books and activities from a very young age. The present series is an attempt in that direction.

Titles Includes:

  1. Lulu has a Bad Day-Story based
  2. Lulu get over Ryan
  3. Lulu Says Goodbye
  4. Its Party s at TJ s
Lulu Says Goodbye

Lulu Says Goodbye

The death of a loved pet causes Lulu an immense amount of pain. Her emotions help her to understand the law of nature.She learns to accept the fact and realises the importance of letting go.

Lulu Has A New Friend

Lulu Has A New Friend

When Lulu faces rejection by her crush, she is devastated and frustrated. Faced by isolation, she learns how to cope up with her emotions and let out her pain to move on and live 4 happily.


Lulu has a Bad Day- Story Based

Lulu has a Bad Day- Story Based

Jealousy is a strong emotion that is often hard to deal with. In this story Lulu learns how to identify the cause of the emotion and let go of it by understanding and accepting others happiness.

Its Party's at TJ's

Its Party’s at TJ’s

Tj feels sad and loses his confidence when he is
unsuccessful in hosting a party. He learns to deal with
his sadness and anxiety in order to relax and organise
a successful party.