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Name 5 Minutes Stories
Titles 10
Pages 34 (Incl. Cover)
Format 216×280 mm
Binding Hardback / Paperback
Age group 6 years and Up
Others Detail Book Size can be customized as per requirement.
A meticulously framed story book series for young readers where they get to read one story in five minutes. The stories are framed in lucid language with beautiful illustrations and a common theme running through each book.

Giagantus Learns To Make Friends

Giagantus Learns To Make Friends-Friendship Stories

Th Talking Frog

Th Talking Frog-Magical Tales

The Bremen  Town Musician

The Bremen Town Musician- Grimms Fairy Tales

The Two Goats

The Two Goats- Animal Stories

The Witch's House

The Witch’s House- Witch’s Stories

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood- Perrault Stories

The Selfish Giant

The Selfish Giant- Bedtime Stories

Wise Rabbit

Wise Rabbit- Adventure Tales

Friends For Life

Friends For Life- Moral Tales


Croconile- Folk Tales