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Name My Challenges
Titles 4
Pages 34 (Incl. Cover)
Format 240 x 240 mm
Binding Hardback / Paperback
Age Group 8 years and up
Others Detail Book Size can be customized as per requirement.

This is a very different series on those situations of life which seem to be very troublesome. The purpose is to make the kids aware of such troubles and also train them how to handle these.

Titles Includes:

  1. You can’t ditch studying!
  2. Dad’s Been Fired!
  3. Money doesn’t grow on trees!
  4. The Bond of a neighbourhood
You can't ditch studying!

You can’t ditch studying!

Studying is the hardest thing for kids. In this story the characters try to ditch studying as much as they can only to realise that education is in everything you do.

Dad's Been Fired!

Dad’s Been Fired!

A dad losing his job is not only devastating for him but for the kid too. In this story the characters of the son and father come together to face such a difficult situation and
emerge out as winners.