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 Name  My Christmas Stories
Titles 5 Titles
Pages 26 (Incl. Cover)
Format 240×240 mm
Binding Hardback / Paperback
Age group 6 years and up
 Others Detail  Book Size can be customized as per requirement.

 An amazing series of original stories based on the spirit of Christmas. Each book is a masterpiece with an interesting story and colourful pictures.

Titles Includes:

  1. How Christmas Changes Uncle Ben
  2. The Train To Santa’s Land
  3. Murphy Saves Christmas
  4. The Reindeer Who Lost The Presents
  5. Little Birdie Learns About Christmas
  6. The Kind Snowman
  7. My Christmas Dream
  8. The Christmas Gift
  9. The Christmas Grinch
  10. Santa’s Letter Arrived!
How Christmas Changes Uncle Ben

How Christmas Changes Uncle Ben


Train To Santa's Land

Train To Santa’s Land