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Name Value Based Stories
Titles 8
Pages 18 (Incl. Cover)
Format 210 x 200 mm
Binding Hardback / Paperback
Age Group 6 years and up
Others Detail Book Size can be customized as per requirement.

This series consisting of 8 stories is written with a very special purpose to make
young readers aware of these virtues and their value in life. This is because it is best to teach children through stories rather than sermons. Simple, lucid language and colourful illustrations make each book an
enjoyable read!.

Titles Includes:

  1. Story on Truthfulness- Always tell the Truth
  2. Story on Dutifulness- It’s My Job!
  3. Story on Sharing Sharing always Helps
  4. Story on Cleanliness- Let’s be Clean!
  5. Story on Cooperation- May I Help?
  6. Story on Sharing- Sharing always Helps
  7. Story on Patience- Wait a While
  8. Story on Discipline- The Key to Success Discipline
  9. Story on Thankfulness- The Two magic Words Thank You!
Nikki Gets Face Trapped (Internet safety)

Nikki Gets Face Trapped (Internet safety)

Many children often suffer from loneliness due to both parents working and not having enough time to spend with their children. This book helps children to understand the need for the parents to work and treasure the amount of time they spend with their families.

Trapped in games

Trapped in games

The love for video games often causes a child to be distracted and aloof towards his studies. In this story, the character learns to balance between his studies and his love for video games.